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The ModeWalk Dream: A Tale of Silicon Valley Innovation and European Aesthetics

Beatrice discovered a fascinating world of creativity when she met an array of luxury and haute couture designers in Paris, while on a study trip at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  The genuine and heartfelt stories heard from the designers and artisans during private studio visits swept her away. Beatrice returned with a deep desire to bring this same designer interaction to others. 

Before attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Henri founded two luxury brands in Paris inspired by the desire to support an emerging designer.  Henri always wished he could communicate the unique stories behind each brand directly to consumers but could not find an existing channel that allowed him to do so. With a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, Henri dreamed of helping talented designers grow their brands by enabling them to connect more intimately with consumers.

When Beatrice and Henri met at Stanford, a friendship quickly ensued and they set out to create an authentic venue that would connect designers with consumers. They collaborated with two other founding members and collectively combined Silicon Valley innovation and European aesthetics to create the ModeWalk dream.