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  • Thierry Lasry logo

    Lasry’s fusion of modern and retro has made his handcrafted sunglasses the most coveted amongst the elites of the fashion world and Hollywood. Handmade in France, Thierry Lasry sunglasses have been worn by the likes of Madonna, Beyoncé, Dita Von Teese and Mandy Moore to name just a few of his ever-growing A-list followers.

  • ANOREXXXY Black Sunglasses

    Top down, shades on. Zoom from lunch to beach in these shapely acetate sunglasses with gold-tone metal arms.
  • Therapy Limited Edition

    Tiny streaks of black and white completely transform these clear frames. And the chunky frame is the perfect medium for showing off more of the graphic print. It's our favorite way to go bold. Wear it over your work-appropriate ensemble and stash it in your bag once you step into the office. Though, you'll find it hard to part with these beauties.
  • Milfy

    Sleek, black shades are a classic for a reason. They have a timeless and cool appeal. And the right pair is a must. You can't go wrong with this polished number that mixes acetate frames with polished gold-trimmed metal arms.
  • Bowery

    Embrace the sportif look with these squared frames. The dramatic flat-top style adds an athletic vibe to your ensemble and is a nice departure from your go-to aviators and wayfarers.
  • Angely Tortorise

    Would you ever expect anything simple and ordinary from Thierry Lasry? Of course not. The eyewear designer dresses up these classic tortoise shades with a pop of pink that you might accidentally gloss over if you don't look closely enough. But of course, the fun part about Lasry's designs is seeing what avant-garde accents he comes up with next.
  • Poetry

    If cat-eyes are too severe for your liking, Thierry Lasry has a solution—soften up the harsh edges. His take on the retro style is perfect for the modern-day girl who wants a subtle hint of vintage without reading totally '50s.
  • Supremacy

    In grey horn with neon blue trimmings, the Supremacy is sporty and relaxed, perfect for a drive in the countryside, or for attending a polo match. These handmade frames add an instant dash of cool.
  • Obsessy

    In mixed tortoiseshell print, the Obsessy is classic yet subtly modern. Wear with jeans and a blazer for a look that’s professional, yet sexy.
  • Adultery

    Redolent of the 1960s, the Adultery blends classic snake print with a touch of ironic quirkiness. Wear these handmade frames with a sheath and pearls one day when you’re feeling clever.
  • Virginity

    A future classic, the Virginity exudes cool blue chic. Wear these handmade frames with your daily uniform for a touch of retro elegance.
  • Majesty

    These futuristic black frames with silver trim exude a cool sang-froid. Wear with your daily uniform for a dash of energy.
  • Anorexxxy

    The sophisticated cat-eye shape of the Anorexxxy sunglasses, by Thierry Lasry, gets a playful touch when accented by multicolored frames. Add an unexpected and sophisticated twist when pairing these sunglasses with the chicest of accessories.
  • Annalinny

    Daytime elegance is consummately executed in the classic shape and neutral tones of the Annalynny sunglasses. Wear with anything from the dressiest to the most casual of daywear for easy elegance.